- Process -

The design process is a complex series of steps that move a project from concept to reality. Whether a client is building their new dream home or undertaking the renovation of an existing home, we are here to help them through the process. Beginning with our first conversation, we engage, connect, and listen to the client’s vision. We consider the feel of their current home, the environment that they live in, to lead the process of the design. We work hand-in-hand with the client to ensure we are capturing all they are looking for as well as subtly pushing boundaries to include the most balanced, layered, and detailed design for each project, giving them best design that suits their needs and wants.

DMC process 3From these first conversations, working with the architect or contractor, our team begins to model the space, considering use, flow, views, site lines, etc. We translate design ideas into working documents and detailed plans to guide subcontractors and trades people to execute. As a plan begins to evolve we interject surfaces, colors, prized and proposed furnishings, artwork etc. Through this process more and more information is gleaned from the client, deciphered and distilled into a clear vision that reflects their personal style.

After all the major forms are settled, we go to work on all the details - surfaces, textures, colors, textiles - every facet is considered from what pattern the tile is laid to the softness and durability of each fabric. We consider all of the visual, tactile, and physical relationships between the walls.

The end result combines luxury with comfort, a well-appointed showplace that is also livable and cozy. A space where the client feels at home, where it feels like “this is me.”